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Carpenters Without Borders
Carpenters Without Borders

Our Team

Dennis Martin


     Dennis has lived in Guatemala on and off throughout his life since the earthquake in 76’ when he helped with the effort to rebuild the country. A life-long philanthropist and builder, he has retired in Guatemala and dedicated his full attention to the development of Carpenters without Borders.  

Thomas Kovacs


     Having grown up in Seattle and worked in the construction industry, Thomas now lives in Guatemala where his family comes from. He has recently turned his attention to the economic development of Guatemala.

Manuel Juarez


     Manuel is a lawyer who lives in Guatemala City and has spent much of his professional life representing projects for social change in the country. His history includes working with Ecofiltro to provide clean water in Latin America. He now represents Carpenters without Borders and is an integral part of our team.  

Juan Bronson


 Our resident agroforestry consultant and member of the Carpenters Without Borders board of directors. Juan lives with his family in Antigua, Guatemala and runs the award-winning Izabal Agroforest in the Rio Dulce.