The Shavehorse Chair


Made with care

Our flagship product. This chair is made by artisan woodworkers. Clean lines with the warmth of a handmade product. 


Strength is Beauty

Made with high quality tropical hardwoods these chairs can take the everyday use of any restaurant, bar, or retail space. 

Seat Materials

Vegetable Tanned Leather


Our Leather is crafted by Waved Design, an environmentally conscious small business located in Guatemala City. 

Recycled Denim Thread


Our recycled denim is produced by the New Denim Project and is made from 100% reused fibers. 

The Cassandra Lounge


Modern or rustic?

Simple design paired with rainforest Teak makes this chair unlike anything else. And it's deathly comfortable too. 


Your new favorite reading chair

Feel good relaxing on organically treated which will only look better with use.